3 Secret Questions you need to know

From a Web Design Guru with over 10 years experience.

When looking for a web designer or company to do your website, it can be a daunting. Most rely on word of mouth and that seem to work well. However the smart shopper will want to be sure they are going to get a great website, that is more than they asked for.

Why am I letting this out the bag? Simply because with a little bit of knowledge up front this can save you a bucket-load of money down the track.

1. Make sure you website is responsive.

Responsive means viewable on a desktop, pad and mobile device so the website looks great on all devices. It’s 2013 so your website needs to be view-ably on a mobile device considering most people will more likely 1st see you website on a mobile device. The 1st conversation goes something like this, “Hay I’ve got a fired to does bla bla bla, oh, do they have a website?” Then they type it into their mobile for the 10 second test. The 10 second test is answering these simple questions, what do you do? Where are you? And how much?

2. Do they have any idea on Marketing Online, Search Engine Optimisations, and what works vs what doesn’t.

You may not want to use their online marketing services depending on your budget, but if a company offers it, it’s a good chance that they know all about Search Engine Optimisation, Sales copy, Call to action, internet marketing, Ad-words, etc, which is a big plus for you. Simply put must companies who do not know much about this will give you a website that it very pretty but nothing else. And if you want to make money, you want your website to be able to convert users to a sale. You’ll be shocked that most companies have no idea about this.

3. Cut costs heavily by going with a professional template (website pre-made).

Most people do not know this but as a designer I can tell you this would about half the cost of the website. Why because the design is pre-made by professionals which looks better than most people can create from scratch. Did you know most can be customised with colors, positioning of elements, you name it.

If you are interested to know, we at Green Frog Interactive offer you a free design so you can visualise your website before you commit. With no pressure or commitment to go ahead with the idea.

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