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Discovering what is really going on inside your customers heads!

customer-your-websiteWhen initially meeting clients we found that many don’t spend enough time conducting market research and understanding their market and customers at a deeper level.

This caused all sorts of problems for the business such as loss of sales, increased costs and for some even closing shop within the first 12 months.

No matter how high the web site ranked in Google or how great the design was, it was just not meeting their objectives.

Having limited time, resources and not really seeing it as a priority, were the major reasons they didn’t bother with researching their market.

Imagine this!

You know everything about your customers, competitors and industry conditions. This will remove any fear of failure as you would know:

  • Where the demand for your product is
  • What type of person is mostly likely to buy your product, things like age, personality, gender to even what they would eat for breakfast
  • What your competitors are up

This will help you understand where to focus your marketing efforts, time and money – and in the end grow your sales more easily.

Web Designer + Marketing Consultant = Successful Website

This is why last year the business took on a partner, a Marketing/Business Consultant.

So, what does this mean for you? Not only do you get a web site that creatively looks great and ranks high in Google, your customers will love also and mostly importantly produce the results you want.

This type of service is normally offered by very large marketing/web design companies that charge a fortune. We are a boutique web design firm, and we can keep our costs low and therefore very affordable to you.

If you are like many of our clients who would like to be a successful business and even to compete with the big corporates, well if you do, and then we give you the tools.

Why not give us a call or fill in our on-line form – we will support, guide and build web site that really works for you.